Thursday, December 15, 2011


HELLO!!! I'm back! And I've missed blogging!! I took my final today (well technically yesterday now...) and I PASSED!!! Onto my 4th and final semester in NURSING SCHOOL!! I'm so excited!!!! Aahhhh!! I've got some fun stuff planned for during the break!: --bake --cook --CRAFTS (knit, crochet, arts with my 5 year old) --and WRITE A FANFIC!! I'm giving this a second try! I had a patient last Friday who inspired me to write his story, and I figured I might as well during the break! So wish me luck! I'm also planning on blogging a little more and hopefully not just send all this writing into some sort of unknown vortex and actually get some feedback.. Well I've got student brain mush now.. Going to bed will write more tomorrow regarding plans and such! Registering for 4th semester in the morning!! :) -Ally