Thursday, September 8, 2011

Yesterday was my baby's first day of Head Start. It's kind of like Pre-K but only 1/2 day. He was so excited to go then when we got there he froze! He saw the "big kids" and the buses, and all the commotion and he just FROZE. Stood at the doorway of his classroom with such a scared look on his face and then s.l.o.w.l.y opened up to his teacher, Mrs. Hart (I sense a craft idea brewing in my head for Christmas time!) and her assistant (Mrs. Escobar). When I went to pick him up, she was just DELIGHTED to have him in her class. He got the "Super Star Student" award sticker and she said that he is such a good helper!! :) That's my baby boy!! I couldn't help but tear up as I left his school because my little baby is growing up so fast!! Seems like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant with him.. Seems like just yesterday that I was graduating high school and was fearing having to tell my dad about the pregnancy. And now here he is, in Head Start (I'm REALLY hoping she'll transfer him up!!!) at the elementary school with the big kids..
I began thinking about my first day at school (I was 3 when I did Pre-Pre-K which is the equivalence to Head Start in New York) I remember looking at my mom through the little window on the door, and then running to the sand table where I bullied everyone to get away from. It was MY sand table and no one else could share it! ((OASN: I just thought of a cool sand table idea for our yard!!-- must look up on Pintrest if anyone else did it!!!!)) and now, 20 years later I'm still going to school--MONTHS away from my desired degree-- and I begin to wonder about Justin's future. He says he wants to be a Nurse, like Jay and myself, somedays, then he says he wants to be a doctor, a fire fighter was the most recent "want" career for him. (personally, I'd love for him to be the BEST neuro or cardiac surgeon in the country or even the WORLD! And that would mean 30 more years of school for him...) whatever he decides to be in the future I'll be there to support him and to guide him in the right direction, and it all starts with Head Start!
This is the beginning of the rest of your life, my love!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Running will be the death of me...

I started school Monday which is why I haven't posted since my last post.. I have been busy with Jj's school stuff, my school stuff and my new jib (which I absolutely LOOOVVVEEEE!!!!!--I'll get to that in a minute), that I haven't had the opportunity to go running since Saturday. I tried running today after the 4 day break-- oh! And with 2lb dumbbells...-- well 1/2 way through my run.. On the 2nd uphill my airway constricted and I felt like I was drowning on land. I had to call Jay to come rescue me with my inhaler and had to cut my run short.. Boo...!!!!! I did manage to do 1.3 miles in 25minutes and 0.6 of it was the running.. So, not bad for an asthmatic walking.. Tuesday I began my new job.. Nannying for the almost 3 month old baby. I absolutely LOVE her!!! It's making me want another!! She's so cute!! And jj LOVES her also.. I went on a 2 mile walk with the baby in the jogging stroller on Tuesday and with jj next to me. It was fun but I wish I could have ran... Eh.. Whatever... Tomorrow is my first day at clinicals and I have a HUGE skills "blitz" exam. It's a random skill that I'll be tested on from the skills I have learned in the past year-- foley insertion, wound care, IV infusion, NG tube insertion, med admin via NG or PEG tube, IM and SubQ injections.. Oii...-- wish me luck!!! Then I'll be meeting my new unit (Cardiac unit!-- something good came out of my crappy schedule!) I've heard WAH is DIRTY..