Monday, August 22, 2011

Turkey Meatloaf, red velvet cake and a run

I've never been a turkey person. Growing up, turkey was mainly for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Recently I read in my friend's blog Summer Creations that she had recently switched her family to turkey. Decided to do the same.
I searched high and low for a turkey recipe I would try out with my family, and have it be simple enough that if we liked it that I would be able to prepare quick enough expecially wth school literally right around the corner. I found this recipe for Turkey Meatloaf and decided to try it out! Let me say.. I was a bit scared at first.. but oiiii vie!! GREAT!

 Bread crumbs, feta cheese, eggs, parsley, sun-dried tomatoes ready for the turkey.

 Ready to be mixed, and baked...
I read on Little Pink Monster that the American culture has us eating pasta with all the sauces and the empty calories.. So I decided to give it a try. Let me say... This dish has made me realized that indeed we have been eating pasta the wrong way for YEARS!!!
 I made some bow-ties with peas and Extra Virgin Olive Oilm salt, pepper and a bit of butter to bring it all together, let me just say. YUUUMMMM!!!!!!!!!! The family ate all of it!!! and asked for more!!! I'm thinking this very "concuction" will be delicious meatballs!
For dessert-- the oh so SINFUL Red Velvet Cake.... oi vie... OH! and some ginataang... yep.. it's the DREADED week... ugh...

So this year, I have promised myself that on top of my already crazy busy schedule, I have decided to take running as an extracurricular activity. I have signed up for the SearchCure walk in September, a Halloween run and a Turkey run in November. I've never ran a day in my life, and so therefore in order to succeed in my walk, and the two runs, I have to train! I found the Couch to 5k training and have decided to use it to help me train. Today was day 2 of the 1st week.. and I feel GREAT!! Tomorrow I will add more info of my distance and all.


  1. nice ally! I started running last summer, but then with work and school I stopped. I have really wanted to start back up again. the meatloaf looks delish! we love turkey over here lol.

  2. Good luck with the running :) That turkey meat loaf recipe will make GREAT meatballs! I know Rachel Ray uses turkey pretty often you should check out some of her recipes for some ideas :)

  3. i havent had meatlof in a long time, and your turkey meatloaf looks good. I'll have to try it.
    I miss running i didnt do it often but when i did it felt really good. So maybe after the baby is here i'll start going to the gym to lose all this weight ive put on lol