Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 3

Saturdays are usually a day to sleep in, right? Wrong! My eyes flew open at 6:30am and only after about 4 hours of sleep all night... So decided to go yard sale hunting with my mommy dearest. There was a family selling all sorts of newborn girl clothing/accessories.. unfortunately I don't know anyone who is expecting a girl otherwise I'd buy some..
Also a family selling gas cans! Seriously?? Didn't we learn anything from the Casey Anthony carnival?? Crime involving gas cans can be traced back to a person who owns the cans.. Anyways, aside from that freak show, found the community flea market!

Bingo! Got some cute christmas headbands for my friend's daughter who is 6 months old. And Harry Potter books! Found years 3&4 for $1.50 a piece- BRAND NEW! (Now all we are missing is #6.. )

Saw a friend from school who I haven't seen since about 3 years ago.. we took our anatomy classes together and were supposed to go through nursing together--not only had she dropped off the face of the planet but apparently she dropped out of school.. Which sucks because she could be finishing up next year with me! she's working at the hospital that I jut applied to as a surgical tech, and I asked her to put in a good word for me for a PCT position.. FINGERS CROSSED!!!

Anyways.. Have a birthday party to go to today, but don't really feel like going since it's super cloudy & dark & gloomy, my joints are killing me which could only mean one thing-RAIN- and lots of it! Matter of fact, it's starting to thunder now.. Perhaps we can get out of going.. HAH!

Jj's asking for lunch now so I guess I'll get going to feed him a little something before we leave. Will update later :)


  1. I hope you had fun at the birthday party! And that's a total score on the HP books! I'll keep an eye out for Year6 for you :)

    I'm trying to get them all on audiobook!

  2. Thx Megan! :)
    Birthday party was a bust. The kids had fun but they didn't even put music on to keep the parents sane.. Nothing was served but cake & junk for the kids.. I'm used to Hispanic parties where we serve rice & chicken, and POTATOES, and beer for the adults, and have the music blasting for the parents to dance, and activities for the children.. And then after about 6 hrs of partying, the cake.. Haha

  3. Flea markets are fun! That was such an awesome deal on the HP books!