Friday, August 5, 2011

A week in the life...

This is a repost of Wednesday's entry from my Tumblr

A Week in the Life-
A project my friends and I are all part of in order to get closer again after about a year of craziness. As you may or may not remember, I began nursing school last August and that meant two things- my life goal was closer to completion & my life would be on hold yet complete hiatus for the next two years. 

I had to say goodbye to my friends, goodbye to my leisure reading, goodbye to my knitting and even goodbye to sanity. I said hello to 60lbs of books, 30lbs of weight gain, 3 packets of paper, DEBT and white uniforms.. The first year had it's ups and downs.. Had scares of failing 2 times, but ended up pulling through & passing! (1st half of my 2nd semester I passed by 2 points!-CLOSE CALL!) 

May 11 came, took my final exam, and the moment I received my "YOU PASSED NU123" email the celebration began! We have hit the pub next to the school after every final and will take shots for each "you passed" email our peers receive (we joke that we will be alcoholics by the time graduation comes). Not only did the Irish in all of us come out, but my knitting made it's re-debut back into my possession! I put all my nursing books away and knit my heart out (This summer I have knit 4 market bags, tons of baby socks [M I still have your stuff driving around with me.. My apologies!], a sweater, and crocheted tons of baby hats to donate to the NICU). I attempted to read some books for "FUN" but my love for reading was taken away by the dreaded nursing books. 

I became a "swim mom" this summer & let me just add.. My 4 and a half year old som did AMAZING! Swim practices 5 days a week in scorching heat made it hard to bear through but it was all worth it. I got to work on my tan for the first time in AGES. I also got JJ involved in summer reading programs for the library, Barnes & Nobel, Borders, Scholastic and even Chuck E Cheese. He has read a total of 60 books on his own this summer so far, and has won an award from the library for being an overachiever. Tried to get him into Kindergarten for this year, but the doors were just shut in my face over & over again. No one has wanted to give him an opportunity to show his abilities because of his late birthday. He did however get into the head start program in the schools which is 3 and a half hours daily, five days a week for the school year. So that would be a big help. I'm working on getting my horrendous schedule changed to one that would allow me to be there for release time so we wouldn't have to spend money on child care for a couple hours so I could go to lectures and then come home when the family is sleeping... So wish me luck on that! 

I'm currently looking for another job, as the current job has just made me reach my boiling point. (who signs a contract stating a set amount per week for the whole summer & then says "I can't afford it this week" & doesn't pay you?? Well I couldn't afford to go into debt with my parents to be able to pay for food and bills...) Unfortunately no one will hire me because of my "lack of experience"... You know what I have to say about that... PPPPFFFTTTT!! how am I to get experience if you won't hire me to GAIN experience?? So I have my CNA license and I can't even put it to good use.. Blah! 

I found out one of my best friends has cancer, which got me paranoid and made me proactive about early detection.. I found lumps in my right breast which were concerning to my doctor who sent me to get a mammogram & ultrasound. A mammogram at 23! OUCH!!! Luckily the results came back negative, but there's a new lump under my armpit, and the one that got checked out has grown.. So to a boobie doctor I shall go..

And this brings us back up to date, to today, as I sit on the couch watching the rain fall, I feel the weight of the books on my legs and it's a reminder that I need to get my butt back to reading before the first day of classes. Then my life will be on hiatus YET again.. One more year!!... Until tomorrow!
<3 Ally

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  1. Now I can post comments :)
    I really hope, and pray that the lumps turn out to be benign cysts or swollen glands or something that can be easily cared for.

    Good to hear jj is doing so well, he's such a smart boy :)

    Looking forward to reading the rest of ur posts :) Luv ya!