Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 1 & 2

I quit my job yesterday. I told her I was done babysitting 3 kids and making crap pay.. I did it, can't believe I did it.. Unfortunately I'm stuck here until the end of summer. But once the school year begins I'm out..

As for today, let's see.. I woke up at 5am and was in and out of sleep for about 2 and a half hours. My mom came to drop JJ back off at the house, and the morning began.. I burnt my waffles, spilled my coffee, broke yet another glass, and had to haul ass to work.

While here, the dog (who I swear has fleas!) rubbed up all over me.. Ugh.. Please wash the dog often.. If you bathe your dog once a year, it's not enough... Bathe the dog!!
I allowed the children to watch Up while I attempted to study.. Ended up getting sucked into the movie.. (here I was calling the old man Mr Furgeson and it's FREDERICKSEN! who knew??) did maybe about 1/8th of a page of reading.. Emailed my professor asking if I could switch into a different clinical group & different lecture since I have lecture 2 days a week at 4pm until 6! Oh.. And I should probably add that the 495 rush hour traffic at 6 is not the prettiest.. Stupid DC commuters... And my clinical group is all day FRIDAYS at the hospital in DC!!! ugh! So 3 days a week I'll have to deal with not seeing my family for dinner or bedtime.. UGH!!!!

It's almost 1pm and the kids still won't nap. And I'm exhausted and just want to sleep with them.. So as I sit here writing this entry my eyes are slowly closing and I wish that I could learn the stupid chapters I have to read through osmosis.. Wouldn't that be nice?... ((sighs)) will update more later.

Of course after I hit submit the kids went to sleep.. Work dragged on for the rest of the day unfortunately. Managed to occupy the kiddos with fuse beads for over an hour and a half... Which is a HUGE accomplishment because JJ has the attention spam of a dog when it spots a squirrel. Went to borders, had to go look for the Harry Potter books we are missing especially since everything is like 25% off now.. Found only year 7.. So now we are missing years 3,4,&6. Haha..

Got home, and decided to walk to elevation burger for dinner.. 1.5 miles there and 1.5 back! Made me feel good! Will definitely be running that route soon.. I need to get in shape. I've been on a 90s kick all night.. Watched the bsb concert from '98.. Watches bsb videos, Britney spears.. Hanson, on spice girls now.. Haha I actually miss the 90's.. Haha
Anyways, going to sleep now. Yard sailing with my mom tmrw morning.. Posting pics on my Tumblr since my lovely phone won't allow me to upload onto here..



  1. Awww :( sorry the day is going not so great.

    I'm glad you finally quit that job though....they didn't appreciate you at all!

    I hope you get to switch your schedule some so that it works out better for you.

  2. I'm glad youre outta that job as well! hope the other on call one works out! that would be great experience for you!

  3. I'm so proud of you for quitting! You go girl! Do what's best for you and your family :)

    I hate traffic here and I'm sure it's no where near as bad as the DC area. Do you have any audio books to listen to while you're in the car? That always helps me.

  4. I have a few Sarah Dessen books for the car, but unfortunately they don't have my textbooks on "tape" for the car.. And I'm working on getting a new audio recorder to record my lectures.. How fun..