Saturday, August 13, 2011

Emotional/mental breakdown...

We are all allowed days where we can just cry without a care, right? Today was that day for me... I received a call saying I got the nannying job--who thought I wasn't going to get it?-- and I began crying.. Jj's starting head start after labor day, which means he'll be going to school 3.5 hours a day 5 days a week.. And then to Kindercare for the next 4 hours daily. I won't be seeing him during the week... It made me so sad! I mean I can drop him off at school on monday&wednesdays but then I won't see him until late at night those nights... And I'll be working from 11-4 on Tuesday's and 8:30-4:30 on Thursday's... Thursdays I won't be seeing him in the morning! And who know about Tuesday's... Fridays I have clinicals at 6:30-5:10 on the other side of the world... ((sighs)) life sucks sometimes... Im having a hard time thinking about this semester's weird schedule.. I hate it already..
I wrote Jessica (the little girl I cared for the past 4 years) a note for her first day of school and I broke down crying even more. I'm having a hard time thinking about this semester's changes... I'm nervous... And as I write this post, I'm crying some more. :( I just needed to get that off my chest.. :/

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  1. aw its ok to have a breakdown! its good to get it all out and just think the little time you do spend with jj will be so precious. And jj is going to be so proud of his mama when you are done with school and in a fantastic career!