Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane? Run!

I went to SAMs club yesterday and bought everything we are going to need for this hurricane. Got 2 cases of water, some yogurts (which are now frozen--if we lose power it'll slowly defrost back into yogurt), baked beans, chef Boyardee (which I found out we've been saying it wrong all these years! It's Boy-Arrr-dee), cup noodles, pb&j.. Bread to last us about a week (some of which I froze as well!), and numerous other stuff. My cabinets are full, and both my freezers are filled with stuff. Saw people buying ELECTRIC mini stove tops also and I just had to giggle.. If we lose power they won't be able to use those stove tops.. I have a solution to that problem! The GRILL! our pots and pans can handle direct fire.. So why not use that as the heating source?? Now I have a small charcoal grill that I could easily put a pot to boil water on.. And since it's small enough the fire will be small right? We shall see.. Hopefully we'll never find out if it works..

Today is Jay's 28th birthday, and I feel bad because we have been stuck here until Irene is gone. We were supposed to go to New York for a family reunion picnic last night.. Would have been great except Irene is heading straight towards NYC.. AND Jay's mom got instructed to go evacuate patients and take them to another location. I'm worried about her.

With all this excitement, I still went out for a run this morning. There is no gas anywhere, and milk & water aisles are EMPTY! I'm going to take pictures to show yall. It's worse than the "rapture" we were expecting. It's worse than any blizzard we've had.. And I'm still praying they close school on Monday. Gives me an extra day to study.. My dad is stuck in Florida until next Saturday because there are no flights to NYC until then. I've told him to transfer his flight to Washington DC for Monday when we are no longer in Irene's path and then I'll pick him up and they can rent a car to get there before their flight is expected to leave. he said he would try-- which in his world is "forget about it". He's such a thickheaded "New Y'awk'er" Lol..
Anywho, to whoever is reading this-- I hope you are all safe and that Irene stays out of your way! Evacuate if you're told to, don't wait til the last minute to pack stuff up.
Until next time


  1. Scary those damn hurricanes, especially when they produce tornados! I dont understand why milk was purchased? because once your power goes out, the milk will go bad fast. when I was prepping us for this hurricane...I bought the powdered milk.....I hope you guys still have your power on!

  2. Yikes!!! Crazy! Hope you guys made it through unscathed. Yeah, I agree with Allie, why was milk gone???
    How were you saying Boyardee before?? LOL

  3. I was so prepared for irene. I had my peanut butter and jelly, my wheat bread, 4 cases of water bottles, fruit, and the list goes on lol

    anyways I'm glad its over with. we had a couple of tornadoes touched dowm in my town a few house were touched not badly just some major roof damage.