Friday, August 26, 2011

New York Skyline

I've seen everyone with these cool looking nail polish stickers lately.. it's the new craze.. I went searching for them at CVS where I've heard people have gotten them, and turns out they are close to $20 for a 24 pack! I've had to say NO to getting them.. UNFORTUNATELY-- I really liked them.. especially the pink ones. I walked into my favorite bargain store (FiveBelow) and I found these for $3!! Aren't they cute?? I'm so glad I found them! These are my last "hoorah" before school starts on Monday (there's a no nail polish policy in nursing school... BOO!)

Last night Jay made meatballs for the first time. He used my turkey meatloaf recipe. And with my supervision they came out good!  Here he is cutting the sun-dried tomatoes... he was going "ew ew ew.." the whole time-- it's a texture thing.. plus the oil the tomatoes were in made him all grossed out.. lol "I can feel a pimple coming through on my hands" he said as he sliced them, yeah they were THAT oily.. but oh so good!  The mixture. I just dropped them into the sauce and waited for them to float and then allowed them to boil a bit more, I bit into one and it was still kind of gooey. I think next time I'll make them first to ensure they're cooked all the way through. 

Last week when I had the duo birthday party for both my cousin and Jay, I realized how BARE my walls were.. We are renting for now, so there is only so much we can do to the place--especially since we are looking for a house of our own. We went to Target and I instantly fell in love with this "painting" which is a scene from Brooklyn Heights, of the New York Skyline and Brooklyn Bridge. Growing up in Brooklyn, this is the scene I always saw from my bedroom window (until about 4th grade when we moved and I could see the Statue of Liberty while using binoculars.. haha). I just HAD to have it.. problem is, when we went to check out it was $50! (it was in the clearance aisle above a label that stated it was $20) I was so bummed I fought with the manager and tried to get them to give it to me at that price.. it was just "misplaced".. B.S! So I left it, and was actually looking at "How to Create a Window Effect on a Bare Wall" ideas all day yesterday. When I got home, this is what I saw:
He bought it for me! He said that he saw how nostalgic I had gotten when I saw the picture, and that it has true meaning behind it for the both of us. Granted I had the view and he was on the other side of the island, but lots of memories at New York City. My wall is not to bare anymore!!! I am however looking at doing something about that chandelier above our IKEA table... Perhaps one of the jar projects I stumbled upon when I stumbled upon Pinstrest last night. I'll get a picture of it up so you can see, and hopefully I can get some feedback and ideas from you all!

Today, we went on our run!
C25K day 4:
Distance: 1.50 miles
Time: 31:41:16
Pace: 21mins per mile
Not bad at all for someone who has never ran in their life right? Today I am beyond sore again. 150 crunches last night, and 150 leg lifts. Well, thats all for now!

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  1. Those nail polish stickers are so nice! I could not justify the price though. That's cool that you found them for $3!!