Friday, August 12, 2011

Days 6&7 and then some.....

Ugh I've had one hell of a week!!!! Too busy & too stressful to even sleep! But now it's Friday (Friday Friday gotta get down on Friday... Sorry...) and I have a chance to sit down without Justin wanting my phone & just write about it all.

When we left off on Monday I was exhausted and the day was going by TOO SLOW!!!! I think my Facebook status was "the day is passing more slowly & painfully than a walnut sized kidney stone..". I meant it!! The seconds felt like minutes & the minutes felt like hours!!! And I drained my phone battery life 2x (!!!!) in a course of 8 hours... Saw Peter pan with the kids didn't study.. Whoops!!

Tuesday was just as bad. & to my surprise everyone seemed to have felt the same way. My news feed was all "I'm bored"s and "what's going on Facebook?? The days dragging!!". Ugh!! Nothing exciting happened on Tuesday really. We watched lion king 2 at naptime & skipped a nap altogether..

Wednesday, I had to take jj to the health clinic for head start (which is a 3.5 hr preschool program here for low income families.. I was hoping for the preK which is full time! Darn!) got to work late.. The girl I babysat for the past 4 years turned 5! And it was national s'mores day & there was a cupcake recipe on "the babysitter bakes" blog & I just HAD to try it!! Pictures on tumblr on step by step in my yummy but messy creation! And then disaster hit!! I went to golden up the "marshmallow" tops for the mom & the stupid broiler switched itself from lo to hi & burnt the tops... Pictures on tumblr I promise ! It's been crazy! But at least I'm OFF for the next 2 weeks & I got paid for it & when I come back it's only 2 days & I'm OUT!!!

Yesterday was our 3 year anniversary & it was the craziest of days for me. My cousin came over to play with jj while I went to take my CNA exam for the CNA position @ the rehab hospital ((which I passed & had a mini interview I might add!)) I'll be contacted again soon in a few days I was told. Fingers crossed!!! Came home, made lunch for all of us and then we took naps! I then had to wake jj up, take him to my moms & go meet the family I told y'all about with the 3 month old... They're Jewish.. And you know what they say about Jewish people & their money... He tried to lowball me and say $12 an hour ((for a 3 month old!!!) and I was like "I'm making $13 right now.. And it's much closer to home.." so he said "fine. $13.50." I'll take it it's still 50 cents more than what I was making now & it's more hours which equals to $100 more a week than what the other family tried to pay me for only Tuesday & Thursday. Big difference!! Went to enter my stuff at the fair (hope it wins me some ribbons!!) and bad to haul ass home. We celebrated our 3 year anniversary by goin out for sushi to where we had our 1st date.. The "hurry up and order" place like we call it. The lady ruined our 1st date & ruined our anniversary dinner last night.. Stupid lady I don't know why she's still there.. As soon as I plopped the last piece of sushi in my mouth she came over & was like "oh you finish!! I take away! Dessert?" I looked at her and opened my mouth to her and said (with my mouth full) "does this look like I'm finished???". Haha highlight of my night!! Had cold stone ice-cream (cheesecake fantasy.. Mmmm!!!) and bought jj a bottle of Cabernet dated 2007 for his 21st birthday. $55 bottle of wine!!!!! Yikes!! But I've been meaning to buy him one since he was born & I wasn't old enough to do so back then.. 4 years (and 2 hers after turning 21...) later I finally bought it for him.. The guy said it should be good until 2028 (YIKES!!!) and that it was a nice gesture. I hope it tastes well in that year!

Today we are going to the pool with my mom and then making Ceviche (YUM!!!) and I'm going to go pick up stuff from SAMs for Tuesday's "Thanksgiving in August duo birthday celebration" dinner I'm throwing for Jay & my cousin. She's turning 19, and jays turning 28. Although he SWEARS HE'S TURNING 27... he's so forgetful. He seriously does think he's turning 27 this year haha! "I'll be 30 in 2013..." exactly! It's 2011 now!! 28!! But no haha..

Anyways that was my week in the life of.. And then some.. I hope we do this again soon! I've definitely liked the whole blogging thing again! Perhaps I'll keep it up this time around.. Use this as my school/life/blah blog & use the other one as my yarn things blog.

Until next time! signing off
<3 Ally C.

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  1. You've been very busy this week! I hope you get the job at the rehab hospital. It'll be great experience work to put on applications after school is all finished!

    I hope you keep your blog up. I hope everyone does! I love reading about what everyone's doing.