Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 5

I can't believe the week is coming to an end! I'm saddened!! The week has gone by real quick... Perhaps I'll make it an additional day or two, who knows..

Last night my mom called me and INSISTED that I go with her to the Mexican restaurant here to see her friend L and husband G, since I haven't seen them since I was about 10. So I did.. They got lost coming to her house.. I waited until 9pm for them to arrive, I was missing true blood and I couldn't have that! Finally they arrived, and we went to the restaurant. Ordered a margarita since I needed one after waiting close to 2 hours for them.. Boyy the margarita was delish! But it gave me a headache.. Got hone at 11:10 just as the 2nd showing of TB was starting. It was weird.. So by the time I cleaned up, showered and went to bed, it was close to 2:30 am again.

This morning ivwas woken up at 7 by the oh so ever kind construction workers drilling a hole in the sidewalk next to my window.. ARGH!! stupid people. Came to work. I've had 3 cups of coffee & my headache still won't go away--& I'm still tired.. The kids won't nap.. Ugh..

Anywho! Got a phone call from a lady who needs a babysitter for her 3 month old daughter. Of course I jumped in & accepted! She needs me the two days I'm off & she pays about $20/hr! :) so excited!! :)

I feel drained so I'll try to nap with the kids (IF THEY NAP...)


  1. i wish i liked kids enough to watch them lol. then i wouldnt have to deal with stupid restaurant people! did you hear back about that other position?

  2. Allie I am with you on the kid thing. :)

    Ally- you sound sooo exhausted :( I hope it gets better. I just watched TB today, the ending made me mad.

  3. arent we doing this from the 4th until the 11th? a full week?

  4. Allie- I like hoer people's kids because I can hand them off again haha! SOMETIMES!! And yeah it is a whole week.. Am I off a day? Is it supposed to be day 4 not day 5? I'm confused now.. Wednesday to Wednesday. Ot thurs to thurs?
    Melissa, I'm SO exhausted! :( no I'm not a vegetarian anymore. Eating red meat again :) had steak for dinner actually.. & chicken is on the menu for tmrw haha

  5. I don't watch True Blood... I never read the books and I refuse do one without the other. Whenever I get around to reading them, then I'll watch it on Netflix or something.

    A lot of internet people are doing BEDA or VEDA this month... Blog/Video Every Day in August. We could do that........ Right? :D I was thinking of doing this, not every day, but at least once or twice a week for a long time... It kinda feels like you're releasing all the bad energy when you write about it.

    Again, jealous you get to spend time with a little baby!!!! And you're getting paid very well, good for you!