Thursday, August 25, 2011

Running log. C25K day 3

Today's jog/walk went well!
Milage: 1.19 mi
Time: 29:45:02

I had the two 4 year olds.. a 9 year old and the dog.. Let me say. I thought it would be hard at first with such a huge crowd, but it ended up going well! I'm proud of the kids and I'm proud of myself for continuing this and not giving up especially since I'm so sore from last night's crunches and leg lifts (did 100 of each-yikes!!). I'm thinking about going out for another run with the kids after lunch & naps..

To Do:
[ ] read chapters for Monday's lecture
[ ] buy walk/running shoes
[ ] buy work out clothes. My long pants aren't cutting it anymore..
[ ] survive the last day (tomorrow) with the family...

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